“Endgame”: Dateline Explores Shele Danishefsky & Rod Covlin Case December 22 2023

On December 22, 2023, an episode titled “Endgame” will air on “Dateline NBC.” This episode, reported by Andrea Canning, delves into the unsettling case of Shele Danishefsky’s death, initially deemed an accident but later suspected to be a murder orchestrated by her estranged husband, Roderick Covlin.

Background of the Case

Shele Danishefsky, a 47-year-old successful investment banker and mother of two, was found face down in her bathtub on December 31, 2009. Her estranged husband, Roderick Covlin, claimed to have discovered her and attempted CPR before calling 911. Initial investigations suggested an accidental fall, reinforced by a partially damaged cabinet door nearby.

Danishefsky and Covlin’s marriage, which began in 1998 following a whirlwind romance, eventually deteriorated. Covlin’s alleged violent temper and lack of ambition strained the relationship, contrasting sharply with Danishefsky’s success as a wealth manager. The couple’s troubles were compounded by the loss of a set of twins and Covlin’s growing obsession with backgammon.

The final straw for Danishefsky came upon discovering Covlin’s infidelity. Despite their separation and Covlin moving into an adjacent apartment, tensions escalated. Covlin reportedly made false accusations against Danishefsky to her employer and slandered her character, painting a picture of a bitter and tumultuous divorce.

Suspicion and Investigation

After Danishefsky’s death, her Orthodox Jewish family initially declined an autopsy. However, as suspicions about Covlin’s involvement grew, they agreed to exhume her body. The autopsy revealed a broken hyoid bone, indicating strangulation, and the case was reclassified as a homicide.

The Trial and Conviction

In 2015, Covlin was arrested for Danishefsky’s murder. The trial in 2019 revealed shocking allegations, including Covlin’s purported attempts to kill his parents and frame his daughter for Danishefsky’s death. Despite his defense team’s efforts to highlight the lack of physical evidence, Covlin was found guilty of second-degree murder.

Currently, Covlin is attempting to have his conviction overturned, claiming prosecutorial misconduct. He maintains his innocence, suggesting that Danishefsky’s death was a tragic accident, possibly related to her health issues. However, this assertion contrasts with the overwhelming evidence presented during the trial.

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