“The Girl with the Hibiscus Tattoo”: Dateline Reports on Killer Victor Paleologus May 31 2024

This upcoming episode of Dateline NBC, titled “The Girl with the Hibiscus Tattoo,” promises to delve deep into a notorious case that has captivated the nation. Scheduled to air on May 31, 2024, the broadcast is set to offer new insights and a detailed examination of the criminal activities of Victor Paleologus, a convicted murderer and predator whose chilling actions once shook the Hollywood Hills community. Anchored by Keith Morrison, this episode will also feature an exclusive interview with Alice Walker, a key witness who will recount her alarming encounter with Paleologus, providing viewers with a unique, firsthand perspective of the fear he instilled in his victims.


Victor Lawrence Paleologus, born to Christopher Paleologus and Claire (nee Cateleta), came from a family with roots in Greece and New York. Divorced and once a restaurateur in Los Angeles, Paleologus’s criminal behavior began to surface prominently in the late 1980s. His first known criminal act occurred in 1989 when he deceitfully claimed to be a music executive, attempting to assault Christine Kludjian in a hotel room. This event marked the beginning of a series of deceptive acts that Paleologus would continue to perfect over the years, culminating in a pattern of luring young women under the guise of offering them roles in movies.

Throughout the 1990s, Paleologus honed his deceptive skills, posing as a film producer to gain the trust of aspiring actresses. By claiming connections with major studios like Disney and pitching auditions for glamorous roles, such as in Bond movies, he manipulated his victims into compromising situations. These early encounters set the stage for his later crimes, which became increasingly predatory and dangerous.

Crimes, Capture, and Incarceration

The pattern of deception and assault continued to escalate until August 1998, when Paleologus attempted to rape Heather Maher. This incident led to his conviction and a prison sentence that began in 2000. However, his most heinous act occurred shortly after his parole in 2003, when he lured Kristi Johnson to a supposed audition, resulting in her tragic death. The investigation into Johnson’s disappearance involved a massive effort from the community and law enforcement, leading to critical breakthroughs when multiple women, including Susan Murphy and Cathy DeBuono, came forward with their own disturbing encounters with Paleologus.

Despite initially denying the accusations, Paleologus eventually entered a plea bargain, confessing to the murder of Johnson to avoid the death penalty. His later attempt to retract his confession was unsuccessful, and he was sentenced to 25 years to life. This outcome was a pivotal moment in the case, highlighting both the severity of his crimes and the crucial role of witness testimonies in securing his conviction.

Modus Operandi

Paleologus’s modus operandi involved targeting young aspiring actresses, whom he approached with fabricated stories of film auditions. He exploited the dreams and aspirations of his victims, promising them career opportunities that were completely fabricated. To make his ruse believable, he would instruct them to dress in a specific way, supposedly appropriate for the roles they were auditioning for, such as wearing stiletto heels and miniskirts. This method was not only deceitful but also designed to isolate and control his victims once they were alone with him.

At these supposed auditions, Paleologus would attempt to bind his victims, employing rope or nylon wire to restrain them and carry out his assaults. The calculated and premeditated nature of his actions demonstrates a chilling level of planning and manipulation, aimed at subduing his victims and escaping detection.

Known Victims

Kristi Johnson’s murder is the most well-known of Paleologus’s crimes, but numerous other women had harrowing escapes from his clutches. Each story from his victims, such as Christine Kludjian and Elizabeth Buzzini, shared eerie similarities that underscored Paleologus’s predatory pattern. These accounts were crucial in painting a comprehensive picture of his behavior, which was characterized by deceit, manipulation, and violence.

The testimonies of these women not only helped to convict Paleologus but also served to warn others about the dangers lurking in the entertainment industry, where the promise of fame can sometimes mask sinister intentions. Their courage in coming forward provided invaluable assistance to the investigation and offered a voice to other potential victims.

Aftermath and Legal Consequences

The aftermath of Paleologus’s crimes and the subsequent trial had a lasting impact on the legal and community landscapes. The case highlighted significant issues regarding victim’s rights and the challenges within the parole system, sparking debates and calls for legal reform. The emotional and psychological toll on the victims and their families also brought attention to the need for more comprehensive support systems for those affected by such crimes.

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