What Happened to Carrie Olson? Homicide & Background

In the serene landscape of the Quad Cities, Carrie Olson’s vibrant spirit was a beacon of joy. Yet, beneath her exterior, Olson harbored a yearning – the desire for a soulmate with whom she could build a life and family. Tragically, this aspiration spiraled into a nightmare, culminating in her untimely demise in the final days of 2013. This feature delves into Olson’s life, her relationships, and the chilling sequence of events that led to her tragic end.

Born and raised in the Quad Cities, Carrie Olson’s magnetic personality and zest for life were undeniable. Friends like Amanda Smith reminisced about her playful nature and warmth, painting a picture of a woman whose presence was a source of happiness to those around her. Olson’s devotion wasn’t limited to her friends; she was equally committed to her family, working alongside her father in his Davenport-based flooring and carpet store.

Despite her successful career and beloved pet Colby, Olson’s heart longed for a companion to share her life with – a longing that shaped her relationships and, eventually, her fate.

The Men in Olson’s Life: McVay and Mueller

Olson’s journey for love led her to Timothy McVay, a charismatic divorced father known for his lively karaoke nights. Their relationship blossomed, yet diverged over the issue of children – McVay did not want more, while Olson yearned for a family of her own. Despite their breakup, the two remained in close contact, sometimes conversing up to 20 times a day.

In her quest for companionship, Olson then crossed paths with Justin Mueller, an Iraq War veteran grappling with PTSD. Friends like Amanda Smith sensed a mismatch; Mueller’s preference for solitude clashed with Olson’s sociable nature.

The Disappearance

The story took a dark turn in December 2013. Olson vanished, leaving behind a trail of questions and suspicions. Mueller claimed she left their home after an argument, never to return. Contradicting this, McVay stated that Olson sought refuge with him following her altercation with Mueller, only to be dropped off at her home the next day.

The Investigation: Uncovering the Truth

Investigators faced a complex web of statements and alibis. McVay’s behavior raised eyebrows, especially after he was caught attempting to use Olson’s debit card. His chilling karaoke performance of “Used To Love Her” by Guns N’ Roses further fueled suspicions.

The discovery of Olson’s body in Hastings, Minnesota, marked a grim turning point. Forensic evidence linked her to McVay, including carpet fibers found in her hair that matched those in McVay’s home. A crucial clue emerged from a Big Lots price tag found near her body, tracing back to McVay’s travels.

The Verdict: Justice for Carrie

Timothy McVay was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The trial painted a picture of a man driven by rage, possibly over a denied request to borrow Olson’s car. Despite his claims of innocence, the evidence was overwhelming. McVay was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

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