What Happened to Gloria Pointer? Her Life & Background

Gloria Pointer, born in February 1970 to Yvonne Pointer, was a 14-year-old student at Harry E. Davis Junior High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Known for her sunny disposition, Gloria was beloved by her family and peers. She had a passion for cooking and a caring nature, often looking after her younger brother.

The Tragic Day and Immediate Aftermath

On December 6, 1984, Gloria was excited to start her day, as she was to receive a perfect attendance award at school. Her journey typically took 15 minutes on foot. That morning, she left her home on East 114th Street and called her friend from East 105th Street, planning to walk to school together. Gloria intended to stop by her friend’s house to have her hair combed for a new hairstyle, but she never made it there.

Around 7:30 AM, when Gloria failed to appear, her friend left for school. Witnesses reported seeing Gloria being followed by a black male on Orville Avenue. A crucial sighting involved a man grabbing Gloria’s arm near 10515 Orville Avenue. By 10:30 AM, the worst fears were confirmed when an apartment building custodian found Gloria’s partially clothed body at the bottom of a fire escape stairwell. She had been brutally beaten and sexually assaulted.

Yvonne Pointer, Gloria’s mother, embarked on a near three-decade-long quest for justice. In the face of overwhelming grief, Yvonne became a pillar in her community, advocating against violence and crime. Her determination and perseverance became a beacon of hope in a case that seemed to have reached a dead end.

Breakthrough in the Case: Identifying Hernandez Warren

The case saw a significant development in 2013 when biological evidence from Gloria’s clothing led to a DNA match with Hernandez Warren, a local resident with a history of violent crimes, including rape. Warren had lived in the same neighborhood as Gloria and had a criminal record that included a 16-year imprisonment for a 1985 rape and burglary.

Confession and Sentencing

Following his arrest, Warren confessed to the murder, detailing how he lured Gloria to the back stairwell and attacked her. Despite claims of a coerced confession, the court admitted his statement as evidence. In May 2014, Warren pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and rape, receiving a sentence of thirty years to life. He is currently serving his sentence at the Toledo Correctional Institution.

A New Chapter for Yvonne Pointer

In a remarkable turn of events, Yvonne Pointer found love and joy amidst her long-standing grief. During the pandemic, she met Jerry McCreary, who was coping with the loss of his wife. Their unexpected love story culminated in a heartwarming marriage, providing Yvonne with a newfound happiness that seemed impossible for so many years.

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