What Happened to Meg Purk? 2024 Update & Background

Margaret ‘Meg’ Purk was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, where she lived most of her life. Described by those who knew her as vibrant and full of life, Meg was known for her positive disposition and her bright outlook on the future. She had a close-knit relationship with her family, who cherished her enthusiasm and loving nature. Meg moved to Summit County during her childhood and maintained strong ties with her extended family and friends throughout her life.

Meg was educated locally and was well-liked in her community. She met Scott Purk, who would later become her husband, in the early 1980s. The couple married and settled in Akron, where they planned to start their family. Meg’s pregnancy in 1984 was a joyful milestone, eagerly anticipated by both her and her family, marking a promising new chapter in her life.

Marriage and Tragic Incident

Meg’s marriage to Scott seemed to be a happy union initially, but as time progressed, friends and family began to see a different picture. Scott’s behavior and character were increasingly called into question by those close to Meg. Despite these concerns, Meg appeared to be looking forward to becoming a mother, sharing her excitement in letters to her grandmother about her pregnancy and the future.

The tragic events unfolded on March 18, 1985, when Scott Purk called 911 to report that Meg, who was nine months pregnant, had attempted suicide by hanging at their home. Emergency responders found her unconscious with a rope around her neck. Despite efforts to save her and her unborn child, Meg died shortly after arriving at the hospital, followed by the stillbirth of her son.

Investigation and Initial Ruling

The initial police investigation into Meg’s death was swift and, unfortunately, somewhat superficial. Scott Purk provided a narrative that Meg had been depressed, leading authorities to conclude the death was a suicide. An autopsy performed shortly after her death supported this conclusion, noting the cause of death as asphyxiation due to hanging. Doubts remained among those who knew Meg well, as her recent expressions of happiness and anticipation for motherhood contrasted starkly with the idea of her taking her own life.

Local law enforcement closed the case relatively quickly, influenced by the coroner’s ruling and the lack of physical evidence suggesting foul play. This closure left unresolved questions and a lingering sense of injustice among Meg’s family and friends, who felt her true spirit and the circumstances of her death were not accurately reflected by the official findings.

Revelation and Justice

Decades later, a suspicious house fire in 2009 involving Scott Purk led authorities to reexamine Meg’s case. This reexamination included a second autopsy in 2011, prompted by the discovery of inconsistencies in the initial findings and advancements in forensic technology. The new forensic analysis revealed that the marks on Meg’s neck were inconsistent with those made by a rope, instead suggesting strangulation by a belt. This evidence led to the reclassification of her death from suicide to homicide.

Scott Purk’s subsequent trial in 2015 for the murder of Meg and arson brought long-awaited justice. The trial featured detailed forensic reenactments and expert testimonies that dismantled the suicide narrative. Scott was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years to life for murder, plus an additional 28 years for the arson charges. This verdict was a vindication for Meg’s family, confirming the suspicions they had harbored for nearly three decades about the true nature of her death.


Meg Purk’s tragic story is a somber reminder of the complexities that often lurk behind cases initially deemed as clear-cut. Her life, filled with hope and tragically cut short, continues to resonate as a powerful narrative about the importance of diligent, thorough investigations and the pursuit of truth. Meg’s case also underscores the critical advancements in forensic science, which can alter the course of justice years after a crime has occurred.

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