What Happened to Shele Danishefsky Covlin? Background & Homicide Details

Shele Danishefsky thrived in the competitive world of wealth management. Her personal life, marked by a whirlwind romance with Roderick Covlin, seemed equally fulfilling. Their initial encounter at a Jewish singles mixer in 1998 swiftly led to marriage and the birth of two children, Anna and Myles.

As years passed, the marriage deteriorated. Danishefsky’s frustration grew with Covlin’s lack of ambition and escalating temper. Covlin, struggling in his career as a stock broker, turned to backgammon, neglecting his responsibilities. The final straw came with Danishefsky’s discovery of his infidelity, propelling the couple towards divorce.

The Fatal Morning

On December 31, 2009, Danishefsky was found lifeless in her bathtub by her daughter, Anna. Initially deemed an accident, the case took a dramatic turn upon reexamination. The medical examiner’s revelation of a broken hyoid bone suggested strangulation, not an accidental fall.

NYPD Detective Carl Roadarmel noted discrepancies at the scene, including Covlin’s dry appearance despite claims of attempting CPR. The couple’s tumultuous relationship, alongside Danishefsky’s impending decision to remove Covlin from her will, cast a shadow of suspicion over her estranged husband.

The Trial and Conviction

Covlin’s trial in 2019 was a spectacle of shocking allegations and revelations. Key witness Debra Oles, Covlin’s backgammon opponent and later love interest, painted a portrait of a man driven by greed and anger. The prosecution presented Covlin as a man desperate to claim Danishefsky’s $5 million estate, leading to the chilling accusation of him murdering his wife.

Covlin was convicted of second-degree murder, and was sentenced to 25 years to life. He continues to assert his innocence, alleging prosecutorial misconduct and seeking to overturn his conviction.

Post-Conviction Developments

Covlin continues to assert his innocence, alleging prosecutorial misconduct in his case. He filed a 440 motion to vacate his conviction, arguing that the evidence against him was fabricated. His daughter Anna’s unwavering support for her father adds another layer of complexity to the case.

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