What Happened to Ted & Corey Shaughnessy? Background & Details

In a startling case of family betrayal, the case of Ted Shaughnessy, a respected Austin jeweler, unfolded with chilling details. The plot, masterminded by his son, Nicolas Shaughnessy, in collaboration with his then-wife Jaclyn Edison, was fueled by the desire for financial gain and a coveted lifestyle. The scheme involved hiring Johnny Leon, a young acquaintance, to murder Ted Shaughnessy and his wife, Corey Shaughnessy, for a substantial life insurance payout.

The tragic incident occurred in 2018 when the hired assassins invaded the Shaughnessy home. Ted Shaughnessy was fatally shot during the intrusion, while Corey Shaughnessy narrowly survived after engaging in a firefight with the attackers.

Nicolas Shaughnessy’s Confession and Sentencing

Nicolas Shaughnessy later admitted his involvement in the murder-for-hire plot, expressing remorse for his actions. His initial plan with Jaclyn Edison was to execute the murder themselves, but they later opted to hire Leon. Nicolas was set to inherit a significant sum in the event of his parents’ death, revealing a clear financial motive.

Jaclyn Edison also faced charges in connection with the conspiracy. Despite her cooperation with investigators, she was sentenced to 10 years probation due to a plea agreement, avoiding prison time.

The Impact on Corey Shaughnessy

Corey Shaughnessy, the surviving victim and mother of Nicolas, expressed her profound grief and disbelief at the involvement of her son and former daughter-in-law in such a heinous crime. She recounted the betrayal, emphasizing how Nicolas and Jaclyn lived with her after the murder, exploiting her kindness and support.

Legal Outcomes

Nicolas Shaughnessy, Johnny Leon, and another accomplice, Arieon Smith, were ultimately sentenced to 35 years in prison for their roles in the murder plot. The case highlighted complex family dynamics, financial motives, and a shocking act of violence that shattered a family and stunned a community.

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