Where is Kevin Eastman Now?

In early 2020, the serene Colorado Rocky Mountains became the backdrop of a grisly murder mystery. The partially decapitated and burned body of Scott Sessions, a local musician, was discovered, setting off a complex investigation. This article delves into the intricate web of relationships and evidence that led to the conviction of Kevin Eastman for the murders of Scott Sessions and Heather Frank.

Scott Sessions, known for his spirited trumpet performances with The Movers & Shakers, vanished after leaving for a date on February 8, 2020. Alarm bells rang when he missed a performance at The Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, an unusual occurrence for the punctual musician. His disappearance prompted a search that ended tragically with the discovery of his body by a snowplow driver in Larimer County.

The Investigation of Heather Frank and Kevin Eastman

The breakthrough in the case came from accessing Sessions’ Facebook Messenger. Conversations with Heather Frank, a local waitress and a recent acquaintance, placed her at the center of the investigation. Frank, described as vibrant and fun-loving, shared a tumultuous history with Kevin Eastman, her on-and-off boyfriend. Eastman had a past marred by allegations of domestic abuse, including a guilty plea for assaulting Frank.

Investigators pieced together the movements of Sessions, Frank, and Eastman through cell phone records and surveillance footage. Sessions’ last known location was Frank’s apartment. Shortly after, both Frank and Eastman’s phones were tracked to the area where Sessions’ body was found. Surveillance footage implicated Eastman in abandoning Sessions’ car and attending to a suspicious fire on a rural property.

Eastman’s arrest at a gas station led to the horrifying discovery of Heather Frank’s body on a property associated with him. She had been shot twice and wrapped in plastic, mirroring the fate of Sessions. This evidence solidified the case against Eastman, implicating him in a double homicide rooted in jealousy and control.

The Trial and Conviction

After a lengthy trial, Kevin Eastman faced justice in July 2022. The prosecution painted a picture of a violent and controlling individual whose actions culminated in the murders of Frank and Sessions. Despite Eastman’s claims of innocence and an appeal in progress, the jury found him guilty, resulting in two consecutive life sentences plus 27 years.

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