Where is Sandra Melgar Now?

On December 23, 2012, Jaime and Sandra Melgar were celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary in their northwest Harris County home. This seemingly joyous occasion turned grim when, the next day, Jaime was found brutally stabbed to death and Sandra was discovered tied up in a closet.

Sandra Melgar claimed to have been a victim of a home invasion, but she had little recollection of the event, attributing this to a seizure. Investigators, however, were skeptical. They found no signs of forced entry and discovered the murder weapon, a kitchen knife, within the home, raising questions about the home invasion theory.

The Trial

In August 2017, at the age of 57, Sandra was convicted of first-degree murder. The prosecution’s narrative was that Sandra staged the crime scene to look like a home invasion. They argued that she killed Jaime, possibly for financial gain and to avoid being ostracized by their religious community, as a divorce would have been frowned upon in their Jehovah’s Witnesses faith.

The defense, however, pointed out the lack of direct physical evidence linking Sandra to the murder. They emphasized untested DNA evidence and suggested that the real perpetrator(s) could still be at large. Notably, male and female DNA samples found at the scene did not match any members of the Melgar family.

Current Status: Incarceration and Appeal

Sandra Melgar is currently serving her 27-year sentence at the Carol Young Complex in Dickinson, Texas. Despite her appeals being denied, the case has garnered attention from the Innocence Project of Texas, fueled by the emergence of new DNA evidence.

Recent developments have brought new hope to Sandra’s case. Her daughter, Lizz Melgar Rose, has highlighted new DNA testing on the safe’s bloody handle, which indicated an unidentified male’s presence, unrelated to the family. This evidence could potentially shift the narrative of the case and is a critical aspect of the ongoing legal battle for Sandra’s innocence.

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