What Happened to Heather Strube? 2024 Update & Background

Heather Strube was born on April 20, 1984, to Buddy and Mary Allen in Snellville, Georgia, a quiet town that prides itself on community and southern hospitality. Growing up in a devoutly religious family, Heather’s life was marked by her strong faith and involvement in church activities from a young age. It was through her church’s youth group that she met Steven Strube, a young man who would later become her husband and the father of her child. Heather’s upbringing was steeped in values of family, faith, and hard work, traits that she carried into her adult life and endeavored to pass on to her own son, Carson.

In September 2007, Heather and Steven welcomed their son, Carson, into the world. This joyous occasion marked a new chapter in Heather’s life, as she embraced motherhood with open arms. Known for her kindness, Heather worked at the family flower shop, a place that allowed her to express her creativity and love for beauty. Despite the demands of work and motherhood, Heather was committed to providing a loving and stable environment for Carson, demonstrating her dedication to her son’s wellbeing and happiness.

The Struggle and Tragedy

The marriage between Heather and Steven Strube began to show signs of strain shortly after Carson’s birth. By Valentine’s Day 2008, Heather discovered evidence suggesting Steven’s infidelity, a revelation that led her to reevaluate their relationship. Determined to prioritize her and her son’s welfare, Heather made the difficult decision to end her marriage to Steven. Amidst the divorce proceedings, Heather sought to ensure Carson’s safety and stability by requesting public custody exchanges and establishing clear boundaries with Steven’s mother, Joanna Hayes, who had become increasingly overbearing in her attempts to control aspects of Carson’s life.

The custody arrangement that followed their separation allowed Heather to be the primary custodian of Carson, with Steven receiving visitation rights. Despite the challenges posed by the divorce and the ongoing tension with Joanna Hayes, Heather found happiness with a new partner, Mike Vickers, and focused on building a peaceful life for her and her son. However, this period of rebuilding was tragically cut short on April 26, 2009, when Heather was murdered in broad daylight in a Target parking lot during a routine custody exchange with Steven. The perpetrator, disguised and determined, shot Heather in the head, leaving her young son without a mother.

Aftermath and Justice

The investigation into Heather Strube’s murder quickly focused on Joanna Hayes, Steven’s mother, as the prime suspect. Despite initially presenting an alibi, evidence and witness testimony soon began to point towards Hayes’ involvement in the crime. The case against Hayes was complex, relying on circumstantial evidence, including her known animosity towards Heather and her intense desire to control her grandson’s upbringing. A critical piece of evidence was the identification of Hayes in surveillance footage by her own son, Steven, which played a significant role in shifting the direction of the investigation.

In May 2011, after an emotionally charged trial that captivated the Snellville community and beyond, Joanna Hayes was convicted of the murder of Heather Strube. She was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole after 30 years. The trial and subsequent conviction of Hayes brought some measure of closure to Heather’s grieving family and friends, though the pain of her loss remains. Heather Strube’s murder is a stark reminder of the devastating impact that family conflicts can have, leading to irreversible consequences and the loss of a young woman whose life was full of promise.


Heather Strube’s life, though tragically cut short, left a lasting impression on those who knew her. Remembered for her kindness, dedication to her son, and the joy she brought to others through her work and presence, Heather’s legacy is one of love and resilience. The tragic circumstances of her death have also served to highlight issues of domestic violence, the complexities of custody disputes, and the lengths to which individuals will go to exert control over family dynamics. Heather’s story continues to resonate, serving as a cautionary tale about the importance of addressing and mitigating familial conflicts before they escalate beyond repair.

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