Where is Howard Adrian Ashleman Now? 2024 Update & Background

Howard Adrian Ashleman was a coworker of James Chambers II at the time of the latter’s disappearance. They both worked in the same environment, which is how their paths crossed. It was this professional relationship that eventually led to the tragic events of August 2014.

The Night of the Incident

On the night of August 15, 2014, Ashleman was supposed to drive Chambers to a weekend lifeguarding job. However, underlying tensions between the two, which had been building up over time, reached a critical point. According to later confessions reported by the Fayetteville Observer, Ashleman stopped his truck, grabbed a gun, and fired it into the cab with the intention to intimidate Chambers, but accidentally shot and killed him.

Following the murder, Ashleman’s actions pointed to a clear attempt to cover up the crime. He visited a marijuana dealer and mentioned having money from a deceased person. He then proceeded to dispose of Chambers’ body in a gruesome manner – burning, dismembering, and eventually dumping it off a remote bridge. He further attempted to eliminate evidence by having his truck crushed at a salvage yard.

Arrest, Trial, and Confession

Ashleman was arrested three years after the incident, a significant development in the case reported by CBS17. Charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon, his arrest was the result of a collaborative effort by several law enforcement agencies. During his trial, Ashleman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. His confession provided crucial details about the crime but did not lead to locating Chambers’ remains.

Before his arrest, Ashleman had moved to Florida, got married, and, according to Cumberland District Attorney Billy West, had “found religion.” His confession to his wife about the murder, part of which was recorded and reported to the police, played a crucial role in the legal proceedings.

Current Status and Location

As of now, Howard Adrian Ashleman is serving his sentence at Columbus Correctional Institution in Whiteville, North Carolina. This medium-security facility houses male inmates and is where Ashleman is expected to remain until his projected release date of August 7, 2033.

During his time in prison, Ashleman has been recorded for several infractions, including involvement with a gang or security risk group, weapon possession, and fighting, as indicated in public records from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

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