“Ghosts Can’t Talk”: Dateline Investigates Ted Shaughnessy Betrayal January 12 2024

Dateline NBC is set to broadcast an episode, “Ghosts Can’t Talk,” on January 12, 2024, delving into the chilling murder-for-hire plot that led to the death of Ted Shaughnessy. Andrea Canning reports on this convoluted case, shedding light on its profound impact on the Shaughnessy family and the Austin community.

The episode features interviews with Corey Shaughnessy, Nicolas Shaughnessy, Travis County Sheriff’s investigators James Moore and Paul Salo, Defense Attorney Rick Flores, family friends Tad Cole and Vicki Frenk and others.

Background of the Case

In the heart of Austin, 2018, Nicolas Shaughnessy, the son of jeweler Ted Shaughnessy, hatched a grim plan alongside his then-wife, Jaclyn Edison. Driven by a desire for financial gain and the allure of his parents’ success in the jewelry business, Nicolas plotted the murder of his parents.

Enlisting the help of Johnny Leon, a young man they knew, Nicolas and Jaclyn set their plan into motion. Under the cover of darkness, the assailants entered the Shaughnessy residence, having neutralized the security system via Nicolas’ phone. In a tragic turn of events, Ted Shaughnessy was fatally shot, while Corey Shaughnessy, displaying remarkable courage, survived the attack.

The investigation unravelled the shocking truth behind the murder. Nicolas admitted his involvement, revealing the plan’s initial stages and his eventual decision to involve Leon. Jaclyn Edison, cooperating with authorities, was later implicated in the plot.

Legal Consequences and Family Betrayal

The conclusion of the case saw Nicolas Shaughnessy, Johnny Leon, and Arieon Smith each receiving 35 years in prison. Jaclyn Edison’s plea deal, resulting in 10 years probation, raised eyebrows and sparked debate about the justice system’s handling of such cases.

Corey Shaughnessy’s statement in court echoed the profound sense of betrayal and grief she endured. Her anguish was compounded by the knowledge that her son and former daughter-in-law, who had lived with her post-murder, had exploited her kindness and trust.

Community Repercussions

In an interview, Nicolas Shaughnessy spoke candidly about his actions, expressing regret and a desire to mend his relationship with his mother. His introspection provided a glimpse into the psychological dynamics that led to such a heinous crime.

Ted Shaughnessy’s murder and the subsequent revelations sent ripples of shock and mourning through the Austin community. As the owner of Gallerie Jewelers, Ted was a well-known and respected figure, making the circumstances of his death all the more horrifying.

The Shaughnessy family tragedy, as explored in the upcoming Dateline NBC episode, presents a harrowing tale of greed, betrayal, and the catastrophic consequences of a son’s actions against his own family. As the community and the family continue to process this tragedy, the story remains a stark reminder of the depths of human depravity and the enduring impact of such crimes on families and communities.

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