“The Secret Keepers”: Dateline Reports on Randy Baker Homicide June 29 2024

Tune in for a compelling episode of “Dateline NBC: The Secret Keepers,” airing on June 29, 2024, at 10/9c on NBC. In this gripping report, Keith Morrison investigates the mysterious death of 59-year-old father Randy Baker, whose passing initially seemed linked to his ongoing health issues.

When Randy is found dead in his home, his family assumes it’s a tragic result of his heart condition. However, when the coroner reveals that his death was not from natural causes, suspicion begins to swirl among his loved ones. Keith Morrison delves into the investigation as police question family members and uncover unsettling details that suggest foul play may be involved.

Discovery of Randy Baker’s Body

Randy Baker was found dead inside his hallway, with fast food he’d purchased just minutes earlier scattered across the floor. It initially appeared that his heart condition had finally caught up with him. His wife, Kelly Baker, called 911, reporting that she had just found her husband dead on the floor.

The coroner’s investigator arrived shortly and initially believed Randy had died of natural causes. This theory was supported by his well-documented heart issues. However, an autopsy soon revealed two bullets buried in his body, drastically shifting the direction of the investigation.

A Troubled Past

Randy Baker’s life was significantly altered at 28 years old when he was electrocuted while working as a lineman. This accident caused permanent heart damage and severe pain, leading him to drugs for relief. His descent into addiction lasted three years before he turned his life around and became a dedicated drug and alcohol counselor.

He played a vital role in helping his nephew, Kelly Raisley, battle drug addiction. Randy’s influence was also significant in his daughter, Betty Winick’s, life. Despite his troubled past, Randy rebuilt his life and found new purpose.

A Marriage in Decline

Randy and Kelly Baker appeared happy for many years, but as Randy’s health declined, Kelly’s role became more of a caretaker. By the spring of 2017, Kelly had reached her breaking point and moved out. She told detectives that Randy’s mean behavior drove her away.

Kelly mentioned that Randy had two life insurance policies totaling just $10,000, which initially seemed insignificant. However, investigators began to uncover deeper motives behind her actions, particularly after discovering she was having an affair.

Uncovering the Murder Plot

A crucial break came when Randy’s car was found abandoned, wiped down, and with the license plate removed. Investigators traced the vehicle’s listing on Facebook back to Randy’s sister, Carol Baker. Despite their strained relationship, Carol had grown close to Kelly.

The investigation revealed that Kelly and Carol had exchanged 4,500 text messages, showing a deep-seated hatred for Randy. Although both women had alibis, a message instructing Kelly to list a phone number as “Sonia” led detectives to Kelly Raisley, Carol’s son, who had a criminal past.

The Mastermind Revealed

Investigators determined that Kelly Baker had masterminded the murder, with Carol and Kelly Raisley as accomplices. Carol confirmed the plot during an interrogation, stating that Kelly believed Randy would never leave her alone and had also aimed to collect substantial life insurance money.

Despite initial claims of a small insurance payout, Kelly actually stood to inherit over $130,000, along with their house. Raisley, who confessed after seven months in jail, implicated Kelly and Carol but refused to testify in court.

Trial and Sentencing

Kelly Baker was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, receiving a life sentence without parole. Raisley also received a life sentence, while Carol was sentenced to 30 years for her role. The convictions brought some justice to Randy’s family, though his daughter still mourns her father’s loss deeply.

Keith Morrison’s poignant storytelling in “Dateline: The Secret Keepers” unravels this complex case, revealing the chilling extent of the betrayal and the emotional aftermath for Randy Baker’s family. Don’t miss this episode filled with intrigue, suspense, and the search for truth in a tragic family saga.

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