“Unspeakable”: Dateline Reports on Sandra Melgar Case December 16 2023

Dateline NBC is poised to air an episode titled “Unspeakable” on Saturday, December 16, 2023, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time/8:00 PM Central Time, delving into the perplexing case of Sandra Melgar. This episode comes a decade after the tragic incident that led to Sandra’s conviction for the murder of her husband, Jaime Melgar. New developments, including DNA evidence, have emerged, casting doubt on the initial findings and offering a glimmer of hope to Sandra’s daughter, Lizz Melgar Rose, in her pursuit of justice.

Background of the Case

The story begins on December 23, 2012, a date that was supposed to celebrate the 32nd wedding anniversary of Jaime and Sandra Melgar. Instead, it turned into a horrifying scene in their Houston home. Jaime was found brutally stabbed to death, and Sandra was discovered tied up in a closet. This gruesome discovery sent shockwaves through their community and initiated a baffling criminal investigation.

Trial and Conviction

Sandra Melgar was convicted in August 2017 for the first-degree murder of Jaime. The prosecution built its case on the theory that Sandra sought a way out of her marriage, potentially motivated by financial benefits and constrained by her adherence to Jehovah’s Witness beliefs, which frown upon divorce. Her conviction was grounded in circumstantial evidence, as the case lacked direct forensic ties to Sandra.

Key aspects of the case have been points of contention. There were no signs of forced entry, and the murder weapon was found in the home. Sandra’s account of the events was inconsistent, leading investigators to suspect a staged home invasion. However, the defense highlighted the absence of physical evidence tying Sandra to the crime. They pointed out that Sandra’s hands were clean, with no blood evidence or broken nails. Furthermore, unidentified male and female DNA found on the scene suggested the possibility of an actual home invasion.

Ongoing Pursuit for Answers

A decade later, Lizz Melgar Rose stands firm in her belief in her mother’s innocence. Her hope is bolstered by new DNA testing on a bloody safe handle at the crime scene, which revealed male DNA not matching Jaime or any known familial ties to the Melgars. This new evidence has prompted the Innocence Project of Texas to take on Sandra’s case, reinvigorating the fight to clear her name.

The Melgar family continues to seek answers and justice, offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to Sandra’s exoneration. Sandra, currently incarcerated and eligible for parole in 2031, faces a reality that hinges on the reevaluation of her case in light of the new DNA evidence.

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