Where is Teresa Kotomski Now?

Dateline will feature a story around Teresa Kotomski and her ex-husband, Raymond Kotomski, a former corrections officer. Their lives took a dramatic turn following their separation, leading to a series of events that culminated in a highly publicized murder trial.

Raymond Kotomski’s Death

In August 2009, Raymond Kotomski was found in a state of distress at his home in Pierpoint, Ohio. His condition rapidly deteriorated, and he was declared brain dead at the hospital. Teresa Kotomski, his ex-wife, was at the center of the ensuing controversy, particularly due to her insistence on removing Raymond from life support and her suggestion that his death was a suicide attempt.

The Investigation and Teresa Kotomski’s Arrest

The case initially appeared to be a tragic incident, possibly a suicide. However, the discovery of antifreeze in the garage and the lack of fingerprints on the container led investigators to suspect foul play. Teresa Kotomski was arrested in March 2014, nearly five years after Raymond’s death, following a re-investigation that included a re-interview in 2012.

The Trial and Conviction

Despite Teresa’s insistence on her innocence and a not guilty plea, the court found her guilty of murder in 2015. She was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, with claims that Raymond’s death was due to uncontrolled diabetes being rejected by the court.

The prosecution proposed that Teresa Kotomski murdered Raymond to avoid a prolonged divorce and to gain access to his assets, which included a $200,000 fortune from his property. This theory was supported by her acquisition of a new residence with her grandchildren and a new partner shortly after Raymond’s death.

Teresa’s defense highlighted her version of events, suggesting that Raymond was an alcoholic with severe diabetes. However, this was contradicted by medical evidence, including autopsy reports and toxicology exams, which indicated ethylene glycol poisoning, commonly found in antifreeze.

Where is Teresa Kotomski Now?

Currently, she resides in a correctional facility in Montgomery County, Ohio, with parole eligibility set for 2030. Throughout her incarceration, Teresa Kotomski has consistently proclaimed her innocence, attributing Ray’s death to complications from diabetes. She posited that Raymond’s death was an accidental suicide, a claim that remains unproven.

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