Who is Katherine Magbanua & Where is She Now? Background & 2024 Update

Katherine Magbanua is a central figure in the complex and high-profile Dan Markel murder case. She is notably recognized as the former girlfriend of Charlie Adelson, whose family was at the heart of the alleged murder-for-hire plot. Prior to her involvement in the case, Magbanua was employed within the Adelson family’s dental practice.

The case revolves around the tragic events of July 2014 when Florida State University law professor Dan Markel was shot and killed outside his residence in Tallahassee. Investigations led to Katherine Magbanua being identified as the alleged intermediary between Charlie Adelson and the two individuals hired to carry out the murder.

Connections to the Hitmen

The two individuals implicated in the murder plot were identified as Luis Rivera and Sigfredo Garcia, who also happened to be the father of Magbanua’s children. In 2016, Luis Rivera entered into a plea deal and subsequently received a prison sentence of 19 years. Three years later, in October 2019, Sigfredo Garcia was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Magbanua’s Role in the Murder Plot

In July 2022, Katherine Magbanua faced her day in court and was ultimately charged in connection with the murder-for-hire plot. She received a life sentence without the possibility of parole, sealing her fate as one of the individuals held accountable for Dan Markel’s untimely demise.

Katherine Magbanua’s role in the ongoing legal proceedings took a dramatic turn on October 30, 2023, when she testified as a witness against her former boyfriend, Charlie Adelson. During her testimony, she revealed a startling admission – that she had previously lied in both her first and second trials.

When questioned by the prosecutor about the mastermind behind the 2014 murder, Magbanua pointed the finger squarely at Charlie Adelson, implicating him in the plot. However, her admission of falsehoods in her earlier trials raised questions about her credibility.

Current Status

Katherine Magbanua has been booked into the Florida Women’s Reception Center in Ocala, commencing her life sentence in connection with the murder of Dan Markel. Magbanua’s conviction has added a significant layer of complexity to the Dan Markel murder case, which continues to captivate legal observers and the public alike.

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