“The Last Weekend”: Dateline Investigates Scott Sessions Murder December 8 2023

Dateline NBC is set to broadcast an episode titled “The Last Weekend” on December 8, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT, delving into the intricate and tragic murder of musician Scott Sessions. This episode will explore the events leading up to his brutal murder, the ensuing investigation, and the eventual apprehension and conviction of the killer.

The Disappearance

Scott Sessions, a 53-year-old musician, was reported missing after failing to show up for a performance at The Candlelight Dinner Playhouse on February 10, 2020. His bandmate, George Gray, recalled Scott’s uncharacteristic absence, noting that Sessions always arrived early to his gigs. The following day, Scott’s father, Stan Sessions, reported him missing.

The gruesome discovery of Sessions’ body was made near Poudre Canyon by a snowplow driver. Sgt. Jerry Porter from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office described the scene: the body was intentionally burned, wrapped in plastic, and duct-taped. An autopsy revealed a brutal attack, with Sessions’ throat slit so deeply it almost led to decapitation, indicating a crime committed with immense rage.

The Investigation

Investigators scoured Sessions’ home for clues, turning to his cell phone data to trace his last location, which pinged 3 miles from his home. His car was found in a supermarket parking lot with the keys still in the ignition and the floor mat outside, under the vehicle. Surveillance footage showed an individual, later determined not to be Sessions, abandoning the car.

The major breakthrough came when investigators accessed Sessions’ Facebook Messenger account, revealing a conversation with Heather Frank, a local waitress he was casually seeing. The last conversation they had was on February 8, planning to meet at her apartment. Detectives concluded Sessions’ phone died or was turned off early on February 9 inside Frank’s apartment.

The Suspects and Arrest

Heather Frank, along with her on-and-off boyfriend Kevin Eastman, quickly became the prime suspects. Their tumultuous relationship, marked by domestic abuse allegations, and their presence in the apartment with Sessions on the night of his disappearance pointed towards their involvement.

Authorities placed tracking devices on their vehicles and a surveillance camera near Frank’s home. Eastman was later arrested at a gas station after being observed tending to a large fire on a property, where Heather Frank’s body was also discovered.

The Trial and Conviction

The Last Weekend” promises an in-depth look at this harrowing case. The episode is expected to feature interviews, investigative details, and insights into the psychological motives behind the crime. Viewers will get a comprehensive view of how a seemingly normal weekend turned into a fatal series of events, culminating in a double homicide that shocked the community and the nation.

Dateline NBC’s portrayal of “The Last Weekend” aims to shed light on the complexities of human relationships and the dark undercurrents that can lead to such tragic outcomes.

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