“The Room Downstairs”: Dateline Investigates Robert Cantor Murder January 4 2024

On January 4, 2024, NBC’s “Dateline” is set to air an episode titled “The Room Downstairs,” focusing on the haunting and tragic case of Sui Kam “Tony” Tung. The episode delves into the details of Tung’s murder of Robert Cantor, shedding light on a story marked by jealousy, obsession, and revenge.

Background of the Case

In 2011, the quiet community of Teaneck, New Jersey, was rocked by a gruesome crime. Robert Cantor, found shot in his burned home, became the center of a murder investigation that revealed a tangled web of extramarital affairs and vendetta. The key figure in this tragic story was Sui Kam “Tony” Tung, a Manhattan resident who harbored deep resentment against Cantor for his relationship with Tung’s estranged wife, Sophie Menuet.

Tung’s journey through the legal system was complex and prolonged. Initially convicted in 2015, his sentence was overturned by an appellate court, leading to a second trial in 2023. This trial once again concluded with Tung’s conviction on multiple charges, including murder, arson, and stalking, resulting in a life sentence under the No Early Release Act.

The Crime and Investigation

The events of March 5, 2011, form the chilling core of this case. Tung, driven by a mix of jealousy and rage, entered Cantor’s Teaneck residence. The murder took place in a basement bedroom, believed to be the site of Cantor’s affair with Menuet. Tung’s brutal actions did not end with the murder; he set the house on fire in an attempt to cover his tracks and later tried to erase digital evidence linking him to the crime.

Despite Tung’s efforts to hide his involvement, a combination of digital evidence and testimonies played a crucial role in his conviction. Menuet’s testimony, revealing Tung’s attempts to cover up the crime, was pivotal. Additionally, the discovery of spyware on Menuet’s computer and anonymous emails received by Cantor added layers to the prosecution’s case.

The Sentencing

The case’s emotional impact was profound, as evidenced by the victim impact statements during Tung’s sentencing. Family members and friends of Cantor expressed their grief and the lasting trauma caused by the murder. Tung’s actions not only ended Cantor’s life but also deeply affected the lives of those around him, including his own children.

Bergen County Superior Court Judge Christopher Kazlau, in sentencing Tung, highlighted the heinous nature of the crime. Describing Tung’s actions as “pure evil acts,” Kazlau emphasized the deep deception and premeditation involved in the murder and its aftermath.

Dateline NBC’s “The Room Downstairs”

The upcoming “Dateline” episode promises to offer an in-depth look at this complex case. Featuring interviews with Cantor’s loved ones, former Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli, and investigators, the show aims to provide a comprehensive view of the events and their aftermath.

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