Where is Sui Kam “Tony” Tung Now? 2024 Update

Sui Kam “Tony” Tung, a Manhattan resident, was convicted of a heinous crime that shook the community of Hackensack and beyond. His trial and conviction were the culmination of a long and complex legal journey, marked by initial conviction, appellate reversals, and a final guilty verdict.

Background of the Conviction

In 2011, Robert Cantor, an individual involved in an extramarital affair with Tung’s estranged wife, Sophie Menuet, was brutally murdered. The crime scene presented a gruesome tableau: Cantor was shot in the back of the head, positioned in a basement room significant to the affair, and then set on fire using grain alcohol. The murder was meticulously planned and executed with chilling precision.

Tung’s first conviction in 2016 was overturned by an appellate court, leading to a retrial. Despite the lack of direct physical evidence, the prosecution successfully argued the case based on circumstantial evidence and witness testimonies. Tung was convicted again in July 2023, facing charges including murder, arson, stalking, and desecration of a human body.

Tung’s Sentencing and Impact Statements

Bergen County Superior Court Judge Christopher Kazlau handed down a life sentence to Tung, condemning his actions as “pure evil.” Tung’s sentence reflects the gravity of his crimes, ensuring he spends the rest of his life behind bars.

The court heard heart-wrenching testimonies from those affected by Cantor’s murder. Ally Cantor Trapp, his daughter, Leslie Padron, his sister, and his ex-wife Susan Kirschenbaum, along with friend Ron Schwartz, shared their pain and loss, painting a vivid picture of the devastation Tung’s actions caused.

The Aftermath and Current Status

As of the latest updates, Sui Kam “Tony” Tung remains incarcerated, serving his life sentence. His legal team, led by attorney Ian Silvera, has expressed intentions to appeal the sentence, seeking to overturn the trial verdict yet again.

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