Where is David Knight Now? 2024 Update & Background

David Knight found himself at the heart of a disturbing murder case that led to the tragic death of his wife, Carmela Knight, in September 2014. The couple’s relationship was under significant strain due to a tumultuous divorce process, marked by David’s extramarital affairs and Carmela’s subsequent push for divorce, custody of their children, and support payments. These contentious proceedings set a grim backdrop to the events that would unfold, casting a shadow over David’s intentions and actions leading up to the crime.

David’s aspirations to start a new life in Florida became a focal point in the investigation, revealing a motive intertwined with desperation and deceit. He sought to relocate, enrolling his children in schools there and purchasing property, seemingly planning a future without Carmela. This forward-looking mindset, however, was mired in nefarious actions, as David sought a permanent and fatal solution to his marital woes, which ultimately led to the orchestration of Carmela’s murder.

The Crime and Conviction

The investigation into Carmela Knight’s death unveiled a sinister murder-for-hire plot, with David Knight at its center. David was found to have orchestrated the murder, employing Graham MacDonald to carry out the heinous act. MacDonald, who had ties to David through previous work at the Knight residence, became a pivotal figure in the case when he confessed to the murder under the guise of an undercover operation. MacDonald’s confession revealed the depth of David’s involvement, including the promise of a substantial financial reward and a job in Florida as payment for the murder.

David Knight’s capture and subsequent trial shed light on the extent of his deceit and the lengths he was willing to go to secure his desired outcome. Both he and MacDonald were arrested in February 2015, following a meticulously planned police sting that exploited MacDonald’s trust. In 2018, David faced the consequences of his actions, being found guilty of first-degree murder. The conviction highlighted not only the premeditated nature of Carmela’s murder but also the betrayal and violence that underpinned David’s attempts to extricate himself from his existing life and responsibilities.

Current Status

As of the latest updates, David Knight is serving a life sentence in a correctional facility in Ontario, Canada, with no possibility of parole for 25 years. The case, which was extensively covered in the media and notably featured in a Dateline documentary, has left an indelible mark on public consciousness. It serves as a harrowing reminder of the devastating impact of domestic strife, betrayal, and the extreme lengths to which some individuals will go to achieve their personal objectives. David Knight’s actions, driven by a desire for a new life at any cost, culminated in a tragic loss and enduring consequences for all involved.


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