What Happened to Shane Patrick Moore? Homicide & Background


Born in New Jersey in 1953, Shane Patrick Moore was one of five children in a close-knit family. His pursuit of education led him to law school in California, closely followed by his sister Kelly. While Kelly embarked on a career in law, Shane took a different path, opening a bookstore. Their lives seemed to diverge yet were interconnected by familial bonds and shared ambitions.

The Oregon Years

In 2000, a significant chapter in Shane’s life began when his parents retired to a 150-acre ranch in southern Oregon. This move marked a family reunion, with Shane and Kelly, now divorced, coming together to care for their aging parents. Shane, embracing his role as a caregiver, moved in to assist his mother, Lore Moore, after his father’s passing. Meanwhile, Kelly lived nearby in a residence purchased by their parents.

A Feud Over Family Property

The serenity of family life in Oregon was, however, marred by growing tensions. Shane and Kelly found themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute over the management and inheritance of the family property. This feud was not just a sibling rivalry but a complex web of family dynamics, with Shane’s relationship with his niece, Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, Kelly’s daughter, adding another layer to the conflict.

The Fateful Day

July 26, 2016, marked a dark turning point. Shane’s attempt to have his mother sign over a portion of the property led to an explosive confrontation. A mobile notary, Carla Tryber, was called to the Moore residence to facilitate the transfer. This meeting, intended to resolve property issues, tragically escalated into violence. Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, present at the scene, fatally shot Shane, a shocking act that seemed driven by a deep-seated family resentment.

The Aftermath and Legal Proceedings

The incident, initially shrouded in claims of self-defense, took a dramatic turn with the emergence of video footage from Aisling’s phone. This evidence revealed a different narrative, leading to her arrest and eventual conviction for second-degree manslaughter in 2020. Shane’s death, thus, became a pivotal case, highlighting not just a personal tragedy but also the profound impacts of familial discord.

At the center of this tragedy stood Lore Moore, Shane’s mother, who witnessed the unraveling of her family. The loss of her son and the subsequent legal battles have led her to a life away from public scrutiny, living quietly in her Oregon home.


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