Where is Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed Now? 2023 Update & Background

In July 2016, a tragic event unfolded in Ruch, Oregon, when Shane Patrick Moore was fatally shot. The central figure in this incident was his niece, Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed, also known by her author name Tucker Reed or stage name Wyn Reed. Originally facing charges of first- and second-degree manslaughter, the case took a significant turn when a murder charge was added in 2018, as reported by the Mail Tribune.


Born on October 15, 1989, in Los Gatos, California, Tucker Reed is the daughter of best-selling authors Kelly Moore and Dan Reed. Reed’s early life was marked by creativity and activism. She co-authored the young adult novel “Amber House” and its sequel “Neverwas” with her mother and sister. Her educational journey took her to the University of Southern California, where she studied broadcast journalism, theatre, and cinema. However, she dropped out in 2014.

Reed’s work extended beyond writing. She was a reporter, a narrator for audiobooks, and an actress. Her activism against gendered violence gained public attention, notably when she published the name of her alleged rapist on a blog. This act led to her being found liable for defamation, a development that became a topic of academic interest in discussions about online activism against rape culture.

The Shooting Incident

The incident’s crux lies in a property dispute within the Moore family. On the day of the shooting, a notary was called to the Moore residence for document signing. Amidst escalating tensions, Moore-Reed shot her uncle, leading to his immediate death.

The surfacing of a cellphone video significantly influenced the case’s direction. It showed a brief and non-threatening encounter before Moore-Reed fired the fatal shot, weakening the self-defense argument.

Moore-Reed’s Background and Controversies

Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed’s life prior to the incident was marked by various pursuits and controversies. Her career as an actress and author was overshadowed by the shooting incident and subsequent legal battles.

Ironically, while out on bail, Moore-Reed starred in an independent horror film, “From the Dark,” where her character’s actions mirrored the real-life event. This eerie coincidence garnered attention and further muddied public perceptions of her case.

Moore-Reed’s involvement in her uncle’s death led to her arrest and indictment. The shooting was linked to a dispute over family property, highlighting a tumultuous family dynamic. In the initial stages, the defense centered around self-defense, a claim supported by Moore-Reed’s mother.

Two years after the initial indictment, new evidence, including a cellphone video of the shooting, prompted an upgrade of charges to include murder. This video, critical in reshaping the narrative, showed Moore behaving in a non-threatening manner, challenging the self-defense claim.

Current Status

As of today, Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed is serving a six-year prison sentence at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Oregon. Her earliest release date is November 25 2024. Her guilty plea to second-degree manslaughter in May 2020 led to the dismissal of the more severe charges.

Coffee Creek, a women’s prison near Portland, has been Moore-Reed’s residence since June 2020. The facility, also Oregon’s intake center for male inmates, has faced challenges such as COVID-19 outbreaks and accusations of inhumane conditions, especially during the 2020 wildfires.

While incarcerated, Moore-Reed encountered further legal issues. In early 2020, she faced charges for possessing heroin in jail. These developments add complexity to her already convoluted legal narrative.

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