Where are Nicolas Shaughnessy & Jaclyn Edison Now? 2024 Update

Ted Shaughnessy, a well-known jeweler in Austin, Texas, and his wife, Corey, were prominent figures in their community, owning Gallerie Jewelers in Central Austin. Their adopted son, Nicolas Shaughnessy, was the sole beneficiary of a $2 million life insurance policy on his parents. Nicolas, an Austin High School graduate, was married to Jaclyn Edison. Both were 19 at the time of the incident.

The Murder Plot and Its Execution

In 2018, Nicolas and Jaclyn formulated a plan to murder Ted and Corey Shaughnessy for financial gain. Initially contemplating carrying out the murder themselves, they later enlisted Johnny Leon and Arieon Smith to execute the plan. The plot resulted in the tragic death of Ted Shaughnessy, while Corey survived, managing to fight back against the intruders.

Nicolas used his phone to disable the home’s security system, allowing the assailants to enter without forced entry. Ted was shot dead, but Corey defended herself until she ran out of ammunition. This heinous crime was driven by financial motives and the couple’s desire for the status associated with Ted’s business.

Legal Proceedings and Sentences

Nicolas Shaughnessy expressed regret for his actions in court and in a media interview, acknowledging his role in the plot. He and Jaclyn, who cooperated with investigators, were both charged. Nicolas, Leon, and Smith received 35-year prison sentences. Jaclyn, however, received a more lenient sentence of 10 years probation due to a plea deal.

The Aftermath: Family Betrayal and Grief

Corey Shaughnessy expressed profound grief and a sense of betrayal in court, particularly as Nicolas and Jaclyn had stayed with her after the murder. The case revealed complex family dynamics and greed leading to a shocking act of violence.

Where Are They Now?

As of the latest updates, Nicolas Shaughnessy is serving his 35-year sentence and is working on an associate degree while in prison. He has expressed a desire to repair his relationship with his mother and plans to find legal means of income upon release.

In a plea deal with the district attorney’s office, Jaclyn Edison pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit capital murder by terror threat or other felony. She received a sentence of 120 days in jail and 10 years’ probation. Jaclyn Edison, as part of her probation, must serve two days in jail annually on the anniversary of the murder and complete community service.

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