Where are Johnny Leon & Arieon Smith Now? 2024 Update

In a case that shocked the community of Austin, Texas, a meticulously planned murder-for-hire plot unfolded in 2018, leading to the tragic death of well-known jeweler Theodore “Ted” Shaughnessy. Central figures in this intricate web of deceit were Johnny Leon III, Arieon Smith, and the mastermind behind the plot, Nicolas Shaughnessy, Ted’s own son.

Nicolas Shaughnessy, heir to the Gallerie Jewelers empire, along with his wife Jaclyn Edison, orchestrated a plan to eliminate his parents for financial gain. Owing a significant sum to his mother and driven by a desire for wealth and status, Nicolas exploited his relationships, roping in Johnny Leon III and Arieon Smith to execute his dark plan.

On the night of March 2, 2018, the conspirators set their plan into motion. Ted Shaughnessy was fatally shot in his home, while his wife, Corey, narrowly escaped the same fate. The aftermath revealed a chilling betrayal by Nicolas Shaughnessy, the couple’s adopted son from Russia, and his wife.

Investigators pieced together the plot, revealing Nicolas’ financial troubles and his role as the sole beneficiary of a substantial life insurance payout upon his parents’ death. The unraveling of the case exposed the depth of Nicolas’ betrayal, who lived with his mother after the murder, even as he was the architect of her intended demise.

Johnny Leon III: The Hired Hand

Johnny Leon III, a young man known to Nicolas, was lured into the plot with the promise of financial reward. Leon, who was eventually charged with the lesser count of murder, received a 35-year sentence, but his life was irrevocably changed by his decision to partake in this heinous crime.

Arieon Smith: Accomplice

Arieon Smith, similarly enticed by monetary gain, became an accomplice in the murder plot. His involvement led to a similar fate as Leon’s, receiving a 35-year prison sentence. The decisions of Leon and Smith, driven by greed, resulted in life-altering consequences.

Where Are They Now?

Johnny Leon III, now in his mid-20s, faces a long prison sentence. His eligibility for parole will not come until he is in his 40s, marking a significant portion of his life spent behind bars.

Similarly, Arieon Smith’s future is confined within the prison system. His sentence mirrors that of Leon’s, with parole possibilities only after nearly two decades.

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